Corporate Social Responsibility

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What is CSR

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility means that companies bear responsibility for social problems such as air pollution, climate change, unpleasant working conditions and aging. CSR already starts with trying not to make any of these problems bigger.

“The Gift Groothandel B.V. goes a step further and strives to contribute to solving these problems.”

Companies that undertake corporate social responsibility, consider the social effects of their activities. This applies to all business processes: for purchasing, production, sales and maintenance as well as for HRM and marketing communication.

“We also say CSR is not a project, but a vision of the short and long-term core activities of the company.”

The CSR guidelines help to align business decisions with the interests of society, which is also the most important feature of corporate social responsibility.

We, as a company, continue to work on processes that are considered to be responsible by society. This means that we are consciously looking for ways to improve our company in various areas such as emissions from production or the use of harmful fuels during production and / or transport.

CSR is a Corporate responsibility with clear insight into a sustainable future!

The gift inventive products


Production and trade chains are becoming increasingly complex. Usually our production chain goes abroad where products or parts of these products are produced. Our responsibility as an entrepreneur is therefore internationally oriented. You need to know where raw materials come from, what factors are involved with suppliers and which factories produce the products. Working conditions and environmental problems at foreign suppliers also have an impact on the sustainability of The Gift Groothandel B.V..

“In addition, CSR contributes to the financial performance of the company.”

In addition, CSR contributes to the financial performance of the company, certainly over the longer term. The market is cooperating: the demand for sustainable products and services continues to rise. A saving in energy consumption or the use of raw / natural materials can be profitable. This translates into, among other things, better motivated employees, which subsequently increases labor productivity.

“The Gift Groothandel B.V. does CSR, because we care.“

It is not only the financial considerations but also the current environment that plays a role in corporate social responsibility. The Gift does it because we want to do business responsibly, simply contributing to society. We treat our staff in a pleasant way, both locally and abroad, and do not want to burden the environment too much. We do CSR, because we care.

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